Access Control and POS

Easy to use, reliable and cost-efficient sensors


Value propositions

Access Control and POS are the most mature markets for biometrics, and fingerprint sensor based systems today dominate this space. Face, voice and iris-based recognition systems have not achieved the same success.

NEXT fingerprint modules have been designed to meet the requirements of Access Control and POS applications in terms of mechanical durability as well as biometric performance. Compared to traditional silicon sensors having similar active capture area, the sensors offer significantly lower cost, thus enabling the use of fingerprint biometrics in new, mass market applications.

For customers looking for a ready to use product to be connected to their Access Control system or POS terminal, NEXT is also offering our fingerprint modules in attractive housing design as a finished USB fingerprint peripheral.

With over 3 million sensors shipped, the solutions have been proven in the mass market.

Complete biometric subsystem

By offering x modules with biometric algorithm software, NEXT customers obtain a turnkey biometric subsystem solution. Our NB Biometrics SDKs which include NEXT-certified partner’s algorithm engine and license for a variety of operating systems as well as mainstream embedded platforms such as Cortex M4 processors. With this approach, the biometric software is executed directly on the host platform without the need to have a dedicated biometric microcontroller, decreasing the total solution cost.

Optionally, NEXT modules can be also provided without biometric algorithm software with SDKs providing fingerprint image access. This offering is best suited for system integrators who already have biometric expertise, and want to utilize their own biometric software with the sensors.

Key features of NEXT solution for Access Control and POS:

Large size sensor
Capture area of 201 (11. 9 x 17.9) mm2  provide for intuitive and tolerant touch sensor.

Government-grade biometric performance
NEXT hardware is combined with biometric algorithm engines from the world’s leading biometric algorithm suppliers, including those continuously ranked as top performers by US NIST MINEX. NEXT combined turnkey solution offers government-grade performance with a genuine <1% FRR at 0.01% FAR setting in PC environments, as proven by the University of Madrid study.

Bezel-less sensor for compelling mechanical design
NEXT bezel-less sensors offer mechanical design freedom to fit the ID design requirements of your product. Cosmetic bezels can be designed by the mechanical designers to present the fingerprint sensor feature in a compelling way to the user.

Minimal sensor thickness 
With a minimal thickness starting at 2.53mm (including connector), NEXT fingerprint modules can be fitted into virtually any product form factor, including small personal devices such as tokens and remote controls.

Robust and resistant
NEXT modules were qualified to withstand over 2 million finger touches, scratch and impact as well as exposure to UV light. Select modules are also IP rated, allowing to achieve up to IP68 rating in end products.

Related products:

Product type Product Active sensing area Interface
OEM module NB-2023-U2-V 11.9 x 17.9mm USB
OEM module NB-2023-S2-V 11.9 x 17.9mm SPI
OEM module NB-2034-S2 11.9 x 11.9mm SPI
Fingerprint scanner NB-3023-U2 “Scallop” 11.9 x 17.9mm USB


New volume markets
Unique combination of performance and cost enabling new markets
2 million touches Scratch restitant Impact robust Up to IP68 rating
3 million sensors shipped
Proven, robust and reliable in demanding mass markets