Cost & Scalability

Unique access to cost efficent manufacturing processes



By leveraging the unique characteristics of its patented Active Thermal™ Principle and the production processes of existing, depreciated, high-quality, high-yield display fabs, NEXT can manufacture high quality sensors at significantly lower cost than other high-performance sensor suppliers.


NEXT sensors are manufactured in sheets of as much as 840 sensors per sheet. The materials are relatively low cost and the production process highly mature and optimized for cost-efficiency to fit the display market.


Each sensor is sold with a small companion application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). This ASIC has multiple functions including analogue to digital conversion of the sensor signals. The ASIC is available in different versions and is mass produced by leading silicon foundries.


NEXT’s use of experienced, high-volume manufacturing partners to build its sensors and ASICs allow the company to scale production to meet virtually any level of demand.



LTPS production process
LTPS production process is based on production of sensors in sheets of polysilicon.
Sensor sheet
840 sensors per sheet normally used in display manufacturing