Testing & Documentation

Testing regimes / Classes

In quality critical applications, relevant and credible testing is mandatory

Highlights from the Madrid Report

The end result of such high false rejections with small sensors is that a significant percentage of any given population will simply not be able or interested in using the system.

Scientific references

Modern fingerprint sensors and sensor systems have evolved over the last 20 years.

Scientific references
Highlights from the Madrid Report

Proving and documenting real life capabilities

Government, payment and corporate access applications are all quality critical. The consequences of distributing 10’s or 100’eds of millions of cards that underperform in real life usage will be severe. Before mass market implementations, these markets require high volume, strong methodology, application relevant, 3rd party testing and documentation.

NEXT participates in such 3rd party  testing and certification schemes and publishes the results of such tests.

The challenge
The next waves of mass market sensor applications are all quality critical