Access Control

Easy to use, reliable and cost-efficient sensor technology



Large sensor

The NEXT Biometrics sensor capture area of 201 mm² (12 mm x 17 mm) provides for an intuitive and easy-to-use touch sensor. The large area may be the difference between a smooth user experience and queues forming at building entrances.

Government-grade biometric performance

NEXT SDKs integrate a biometric algorithm from one of the world’s leading biometric algorithm suppliers, Neurotechnology. Neurotechnology has been continuously ranked among the world’s leading biometric suppliers by the U.S. NIST. The solution for Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) offers genuine <1% FRR at a <0.01% FAR setting, as shown by the results of an independent study conducted by the University of Madrid.

Bezel-less sensor for compelling mechanical design

NEXT bezel-less sensors offer mechanical design freedom to fit the industrial design requirements of your product. Cosmetic bezels may be designed to present the fingerprint sensor in a compelling way to the user.

Minimal sensor thickness

Only 2.5 mm thick (including connector), NEXT fingerprint modules can be integrated into virtually any product without compromising industrial design.

Robust and resistant

NEXT modules are qualified to withstand over 2 million finger touches. They also stand up to scratches, rough handling, electro-static discharge (ESD) and exposure to UV light. Most NEXT modules are also IP rated, allowing them to achieve up to an IP68 rating in end-products.

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