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NEXT: A proven supplier to the global notebook market

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NEXT: A proven supplier to the global notebook market


Sensor size options

NEXT provides a medium sized capture area (12mm x 12mm) for design-centric consumer notebooks. Large capture area (12mm x 17mm and FAP20 15.24mm x 20.32mm) for business grade notebooks.

Designed for Windows Biometric Framework

NEXT sensors are designed to work with Windows Biometric Framework (WBF), Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and all releases of Windows 10 with drivers available through Windows update.

Government-grade biometric performance

NEXT WBF drivers integrate a biometric algorithm from one of the world’s leading biometric algorithm suppliers, Neurotechnology. Neurotechnology has been continuously ranked among the world’s leading biometric suppliers by the U.S. NIST. The solution for WBF offers a genuine  <1% FRR at a <0.01% FAR setting, as shown by the results of an independent study conducted by the University of Madrid.

Windows Hello Compliant

Complies with Microsoft Windows Hello requirements for large-area sensors. The solution is plug-and-play with Windows Hello, with drivers automatically installed through Windows update (WU).

Bezel-less sensor for compelling mechanical design

NEXT bezel-less sensors offer mechanical design freedom to fit the industrial design requirements of your product. Cosmetic bezels may be designed to present the fingerprint sensor feature in a compelling way to the user.

Minimal sensor thickness

Only 2.5 mm in thickness (including connector), NEXT fingerprint modules can be integrated into any notebook or tablet without compromising industrial design.

Pre-boot authentication

The NEXT solution is ready for pre-boot authentication – UEFI drivers are available.

TPM integration

Where a high degree of security is required, SPI variants of NEXT fingerprint modules can be integrated directly with biometric software running on TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chips. Currently, drivers are available for select Broadcom TPM processors. Other platforms can be supported on request.

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