Notebooks & Tablets

High-end security and convenience


Value propositions

The notebook segment may be split in 2, the convenience focused and the quality critical. Most noteboook suppliers see the sensor as a convenient add-on feature to be used for faster access by a moderate percentage of the end-users. This allows the use of small sensors (and even the old swipe sensor format), with performance at level with smartphone sensor implementations.

In the higher end quality critical part of the market, suppliers target sensor applications that need to work securely and conveniently for close to 100% of the end users. In this segment, served by NEXT, full sized sensors must be offered.

In this quality focused segment, the value propositions of the NEXT sensors include a high level of security (focused by the employers), a high level of convenience (wanted by the employees) at an attractive component cost (needed by the manufacturers).

Key requirements

In quality critical notebooks, security and convenience needs to be uncompromised, while still being able to serve close to 100% of the targeted users. A significant percentage of the notebooks and tablets will be used in challenging environments, both in terms of average finger quality and environmental conditions. In order to be relevant, testing for such markets should be at level with the Aadhaar testing regimes in India (Class 3).

The application typically demands one-touch high quality enrollment. Multiple placements of fingers with subsequent stitching back to a full sized enrollments are not realistic in quality critical applications (see stitching).

In some use-cases the solution may need to work in a context where security cannot be compromised by use of pin-code or password fallback. Such applications may include payments, access to company critical data etc. In these cases the number of false rejections need to be very low as the fallback solution at malfunction will typically be highly inconvenient (seeing a supervisor, multiple passwords etc…).

Key features for notebooks and tablets:

Medium and large sized sensors
Capture area of 141 (11.9*11.9) mm2, dependent of market segment requirements of security and convenience.

Designed for Windows Biometric Framework
The NEXT solution has been designed for Windows Biometric Framework (WBF). Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & all releases of Windows 10 (RS1,RS2 & RS3), with drivers available through Windows update.

Government-grade biometric performance
NEXT WBF drivers integrate minutiae based biometric algorithm from one of the world’s leading biometric algorithm suppliers, Neurotechnology. Neurotechnology is being continuously ranked among world’s leading biometric suppliers by US NIST. The combined turnkey solution for WBF offers government-grade performance with a genuine <1% FRR at <0.01% FAR setting, as proven by University of Madrid study.

Windows Hello Compliant
NEXT solutions complies with Windows Hello requirements defined by Microsoft for Large Area sensors. The solution is plug and play with Windows Hello, with driver support available through Windows update.

Bezel-less sensor for compelling mechanical design
NEXT bezel-less sensors offer mechanical design freedom to fit the ID design requirements of your product. Cosmetic bezels can be designed by the mechanical designers to present the fingerprint sensor feature in a compelling way to the user.

Minimal sensor thickness
With a minimal thickness of only 2.53mm (including connector), NEXT fingerprint modules can be fitted into virtually any notebook and tablet form factor.

Pre-boot authentication
NEXT solution is ready for pre-boot authentication – UEFI drivers are available.

TPM integration
Where high degree of security is required, SPI variants of NEXT fingerprint modules can be integrated directly with biometric software running on TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chips. Currently, drivers are available for select Broadcom TPM processors. Other platforms can be supported on request.

Related products:

Fingerprint moduleActive sensing areaInterfaceSoftware/drivers
NB-2023-U2-V11.9 x 17.9mmUSBWBF, UEFI
NB-2023-S2-V11.9 x 17.9mmSPISelect Broadcom TPM
NB-2034-S211.9 x 11.9mmSPISelect Broadcom TPM


Uncompromised security
Mass market fingerprint sensor implementations enabling mandatory biometric access to critical data
5 million sensors shipped
Unparalleled combination of high performance and cost-efficiency
Class 2 and 3 compliant
Serving both easy and harsh users and environments