NEXT Applications


Smart Cards

NEXT Biometrics has designed its large-size flexible sensors to meet the demanding requirements of booming biometric smartcard market. Full physical flexibility, durability, ease of enrolment and intuitive usage are some of the key attributes of NEXT’s flexible fingerprint sensor product line.

Government ID

Biometric government ID applications require high performance fingerprint sensors, where low user rejection rates are a must. NEXT Biometrics is developing its government ID product line to address those requirements, coming in at industry’s most competitive pricing per active sensor area.

Access control & POS

Access Control and POS are the most mature markets for biometrics, and fingerprint sensor based systems today dominate this space.

Notebooks & tablets

Fingerprint sensors has become a standard feature in today’s notebooks and tablets. Being supported natively by Windows, fingerprint authentication helps to increase security and productivity.


Smart CardsNB-0610-S2
Access control & POS: OEM modulesNB-2023-S2
Access control & POS: OEM modulesNB-2023-U2
Access control & POS: OEM modulesNB-3023-U2
Notebooks & tabletsNB-2034-S2
Notebooks & tabletsNB-2023-S2
Notebooks & tabletsNB-2023-U2


The opportunity
The next waves of mass market sensor applications are all quality critical