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Next: The Ideal Solution for Smart Cards

NEXT’s high-performance, large-area, flexible fingerprint sensors are the ideal solution for biometric Smart Cards.

Large size sensor

With an active area of just over 200 mm², NEXT’s flexible sensor exceeds the size requirement of 169 mm² specified in ISO/IEC 17839-2:2015 (Biometric System-on-Card: physical characteristics). Sensor size matters because it is directly related to biometric error rates and may make the difference between a good or not-so-good user experience. NEXT Active Thermal™ sensor technology allows for the development of large-area sensors that deliver both outstanding performance and lower cost.

Flexible sensor

Deposited on a flexible substrate, our sensors and modules bend, but don’t break. Biometric smartcards with NEXT’s flexible sensor have been proven to withstand dynamic and torsional bending per ISO/IEC 10373-1:2006.

Flexible module

The flexible module is suitable for hot and cold laminated Smart Cards. It exports an ISO/IEC 19794-2 fingerprint template to the secure element for match-on-card. Secure communication between the fingerprint module and the secure element is supported. Optionally, enrollment and verification on module is available.

Leading biometric performance

Our sensor and algorithm exhibit extremely low error rates. NEXT sensors have been shown to produce less than a 1% false reject rate (FRR) at a 0.01% false accept rate (FAR). This data has been verified through independent third-party testing using large sample sizes.


The NEXT sensor is compatible with any on-card-matcher. Because of its large size, excellent image quality, and ISO/IEC 19794-4 image export, good results can be obtained with any industry-leading extractor and matcher.

On- or off-card enrollment

On- or off card enrollment will work equally well. Enroll on card with a single touch using the flexible module or import templates from off-card enrollment into the secure element.

For contact-based and dual interface Smart Cards

NEXT`s high-performance sensor technology is ideally suited for both, contact-based and dual interface cards. The flexible module is capable of performing One Touch fingerprint enrollment and verification operations on a dual interface Smart Card by solely harvesting power from a standard ISO/IEC 14443 NFC reader.

White Paper:

Fingerprint Sensor Technology for Safe and Convenient Card Payments


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