NEXT Technology Partners

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Our sensor’s highly robust analog signal and simplistic pixel design allows for an effective LTPS production process (LTPS: Low Temperature Polysilicon).

NEXT Biometrics has achieved its communicated goal of being able to mass produce production-ready volumes of flexible fingerprint sensors. The production partner, Innolux in Taiwan, has produced first volumes; in other words, the production line is operational.


About Innolux Corporation:
Building on the Art of Display Technologies for a Sustainable Future.

As a supplier of TFT-LCD panels, Innolux Corporation has contributed greatly to enhancing the quality and product performance through its innovations in technology and production processes. Innolux is committed to enhancing life’s visual pleasures and to developing aesthetically designed display products.

And although profitability is key to Innolux’s sustainable development, we also believe that it is our humanistic qualities that will ensure our longevity. Our business approach is thus to make steadfast progress in contributing to the prosperity and well-being of our customers, shareholders, and employees as well as the communities and environments in which we operate with the aim of being an outstanding company with superior virtues.

NEXT Biometrics are proud to be a Innolux partner.