After having received completed and market ready sensor modules late December, a major Taiwanese/ Chinese manufacturer has today ordered 1000 sensor modules.

These modules are to be integrated in demonstration KEYFOB’s targeted at Access Control markets in China and India. The KEYFOB’s (ref : are new product formats uniqely enabled by the NEXT combination of high quality and low cost.

The customer has previously been contracted by NEXT (after having tested early prototypes). This company now targets to include NEXT technology in a range of product formats. The parties expects volume deliveries from Q2/Q3-14.

Enabled by NEXT’s Active Thermal Principle and its compatibility with the production processes of leading polysilicon based display manufacturers, NEXT low-cost systems include no compromises compared to high-cost fingerprint sensor systems today used by 10’s of millions of people entering offices, making payments, accessing their work PC’s, etc…

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