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NEXT Biometrics showcases its first fully flexible fingerprint sensor for smart cards

Oslo, Norway April 26th 2016

In a launch held at DnB-TV April 26th-2016, NEXT Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm Idsøe showcased the world’s first smart card compatible flexible fingerprint sensor.

” We have previously announced that we will not comment further on our smart card developments until we have something material to prove”, Etholm Idsøe stated. ” We are now proud to announce that our ISO-compliance includes the recently published ISO/IEC 17839 standard, and to our knowledge this makes us the only supplier to meet this specification.

We have always believed that the Active Thermal principle, patented by NEXT, is optimally positioned to produce a flexible sensor, which has the required size to be secure and convenient for almost 100 per cent of the population.

Etholm Idsøe emphasized, we are now in the process of setting up production lines capable of delivering tens of millions of sensors at an acceptable yield.

This includes some risk and is targeted to be completed in H1-2017.

The card industry is showing a strong interest in working with NEXT, and this market will be our main focus in the upcoming quarters.