There is high activity in Next Biometrics even during the pandemic. Today, we would like to provide you some insight about a project we are involved in in India. This demonstrates that our updated market focus and our solid thermal technology fits well with yet another biometric HW device, this time in India. NEXT is now integrated with biometric HW devices in several parts of the world and we aim at providing insights into more projects going forward. Please read more about this India product and how it will be supporting different local projects improving social and financial inclusion in India.



The product “Vriddhi” from BluPrints, is a Bluetooth enabled Integrated Mobile Printer Series designed to accommodate the needs of end users in semi urban and rural India. “Vriddhi” is providing an all-in-one device with wireless Aadhar enabled biometrics integrated with a thermal printer for on the spot receipting from various business application for sectors such as Banking, Financial Inclusion, eKYC, Public Distribution and e- governance. Historically these businesses have used three separate devices, 1) a smartphone/tablet, 2) a STQC certified fingerprint scanner and 3) a mobile printer. This sleek and robust “Vriddhi” device is now integrated with a Next Biometrics STQC qualified fingerprint module and is ready to be used in the UIDAI ecosystem replacing the need for a separate printer and fingerprint scanner and compatible with multiple different smartphones and tablets.

“Vriddhi” provides a cost effective, hassle free, easy to use integrated one stop solution replacing the use of 2 different devices. Vriddhi will instantly maximise productivity at a lower cost. The device is an easy plug & play solution for Aadhar enabled applications encompassing enrolment, verification, and identification to speed up credit finance and digital inclusion of the unbanked population in the rural hinterlands, says Kavita Aggarwal Founder & CEO of Bluprints.

“We are pleased to have been integrated in this novel solution from Bluprints and to be part of the “Digital India Program” supporting Aadhaar-enabled biometric authentication. The collaboration with BluPrints is an important step for NEXT to enable long-term growth, with local hardware manufactures, providing smart biometric products and solutions supporting the digital initiative by the Government of India. We look forward to this solution providing great value for BluPrints, Next Biometrics and the end users in India, said Peter Heuman, CEO of Next.

We will come back to inform our shareholders and partners as soon as we better understand the true market demand and revenue potential for this newly launched Bluprints device with a Next Biometric thermal sensor.

I hope you enjoyed receiving some further insights into what we are up to in NEXT Biometrics. We look forward providing you with more NEXT Insights going forward.

Stay safe during the pandemic and all the best


Peter Heuman, CEO
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