The Why

The market clearly shows that Smart connected homes are growing in numbers. Everything from alarm systems, smart door locks and fridges are now connected through your sometimes unsecure Wi-Fi. With over 25 million smart door locks sold annually, the market is growing rapidly. But with this speed in growth, the proper protection is sometimes lacking. But NEXT are here to change that.

Most of today’s smart door locks and users of them rely on traditional keys, NFC cards, NFC tags or a simple PIN code to set the alarm or open the door. But why use something that easily can be dropped or forgotten? You will probably hear “Why not use your phone?”, but is your phones biometrics secured and certified by government authorities? At NEXT we don’t believe in the use of something that can be lost or forgotten – we believe you should rather use your own biometric credentials such as fingerprint or face, which are unique and never lost.

The How

With biometrics based on your own physical credentials, you can easily access your home securely. But that’s just the beginning; you can also enter your office and maybe even get access to your hotel room. All with just a simple touch with your fingertip. No more pre-programmed keycards. And with the ultra slim NB2034 sensor from NEXT there’s no limit to how futuristic the industrial design will look like. Remember this can also add an additional security level if you still want to keep you pin-code or another existing mechanism.


The What

The NB2034 product with its relatively large 12mm x 12mm size, compared to existing sensors in the smart door lock market, comes with a higher security and is very well suited for both physical access solution for cloud storage where you store, temporary or permanent, a digital mathematical representation of your fingerprint.

Alternative to cloud storage you can have the NB2034 working with a standalone fingerprint solution with local matching for the smart door lock, and a secure local storage of template matching only.

Do you want to learn and discuss more about our biometric solutions? Please send us a note or even better; schedule a meeting with us at the ISC West, Las Vegas, US between March 22 and March 25.

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