Norwegian biometrics company NEXT Biometrics, NEXT, has signed a five-year agreement with Commlink Infotech LLC (Commlink). The agreement becomes effective in May 2024 and NEXT’s deliveries are scheduled to begin in Q2 2024. The agreement covers deliveries of NEXT’s flagship fingerprint sensor FAP20 for integration in Commlink’s biometric reader, targeting the Bangladesh National ID program.

The order is valued at NOK 95 million over 5 years. The biometric reader is used for biometric authentication within the banking application of Bangladesh (a part of its national ID program). Commlink will be NEXT’s preferred partner in Bangladesh.

In line with its go-to-market strategy, NEXT continues to expand operations. Already a trusted and well-known technology partner on the Indian market, NEXT now continues to expand its geographical coverage to include Bangladesh.

“We are incredibly pleased to confirm this agreement with NEXT. Securing our deliveries of NEXT’s flagship fingerprint sensors will enable us to ensure our long-term operational reliability towards our partners in the ecosystem of Bangladesh’s national ID infrastructure. Combined with their technical support and our close collaboration, it also allows us to further develop our business knowing that we are guided by a strong technology partner. I look forward to exploring this partnership together with NEXT”, said Amjad Khan, Managing Director and CEO at Commlink.

The order proves NEXT´s expertise in thermal, fingerprints technology and its ability to provide a state-of-the-art and proven Liveness feature. This is a function which helps to identify fake authentication attempts and thus prevent biometric identity spoofing.

“Commlink is one of the largest players on the market in Bangladesh and I am extremely pleased we have been awarded this valuable, initial order. It is a testimonial of the added value and security that our thermal technology offers as the financial industry’s need for safe and reliable authentication keeps increasing. We look forward to offering our products and services to Bangladesh and I expect our in-depth industry expertise to benefit us in this new market”, said Ulf Ritsvall, CEO, at NEXT.

For more information, please contact:

Ulf Ritsvall
Chief Executive Officer, NEXT

Eirik Underthun
Chief Financial Officer, NEXT

About NEXT Biometrics

NEXT provides advanced fingerprint sensor technology that delivers uncompromised security and accuracy for the best possible user experience in the payment and fintech, government ID, access control and office and notebook markets. The company’s patented NEXT Active Thermal(R) principle allows the development of large, high-quality fingerprint sensors with superior security level. NEXT Biometrics Group ASA is headquartered in Oslo, with sales, support and development operations in Seattle, Taipei, Tokyo, New Delhi, and Shanghai.

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