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NB-3023-U-UID Reader

Our STQC certified fingerprint reader is ready to be used in the UIDAI ecosystem. With its replaceable cable it connects with notebooks or Android tablets and POS terminals with equal ease.
The reader comes with a STQC certified Level-0 Registered Device Service. NEXT also provides a Biometrics SDK with FRR tested algorithm to enable continued use of an existing RD Service.

– STQC certified
– Level-0 certified


NB-2023-UID Modules

Following rigorous testing and qualification, NEXT’s STQC certified fingerprint modules are ready to be used in the UIDAI ecosystem. At just 2.5 mm in height, they integrate into devices without compromising form factor or sleek design.

The modules include a STQC certified Level-0 Registered Device Service. NEXT also provides a biometrics SDK with FRR tested algorithm to allow continued use of existing RD Services.

– STQC certified
– Level-0 certified

NB-2023-U-UID (USB)
NB-2023-S-UID (SPI)


What are UIDAI and Aadhaar? What is a Registered Device? What are Level-0 and Level-1 Registered Devices? What is NEXT Biometrics Registered Device Service?

What are UIDAI and Aadhaar?
From the Aadhaar Registered Device Specification: “The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been created, with the mandate of providing a Unique Identity (Aadhaar) to all Indian residents. The UIDAI provides online authentication using demographic and biometric data.”
What is a Registered Device?
Registered Devices ensure that captured biometrics are authentic and fresh (live captures, not stored). Registered devices have unique identifiers so that each capture can be traced back to a device. Captured biometrics are signed and encrypted.
What are Level-0 and Level-1 Registered Devices?
NEXT Biometrics Registered Device (RD) is certified as Level-0 registered device. Level-0 Registered Devices may make use of the host operating system for feature extraction, signing, and encrypting the biometrics. On Level-1 Registered devices all sensitive operations (capture, feature extraction, signing and encrypting the biometric trait) are performed within a trusted execution environment.
What is NEXT Biometrics Registered Device Service?
NEXT Biometrics Registered Device (RD) service is a host operating system service. It serves as an interface between NEXT Biometrics Level-0 Registered Device fingerprint readers and modules and customer applications.
What modalities are supported?
Which devices are certified?
NEXT Biometrics NB-3023-U-UID USB fingerprint reader, NB-2023-U-UID USB fingerprint module and NB-2023-S-UID SPI fingerprint module are certified as Registered Devices.
Which specifications does NEXT RD Service comply with?
NEXT RD Service complies with the requirements per UIDAI Registered Device Technical Specification, version 2.0.6 (September 2019) and Aadhaar Authentication API Specification, version 2.5 (March 2018) for Level-0 Registered Devices.
Which interfaces and platforms are supported?
USB 2.0 or higher
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 or 64 bit)
Android from version 5.0 or higher
Which extractor do you use?
NEXT RD Service uses Innovatrics ANSI_ISO_SDK v2.0.3 (MINEX 3 certified).
What are the RD Service IDs?
Windows: NEXTL0.WIN.001
Android: NEXTL0.AND.001 (SafetyNet)
Android: NEXTL0.AND.201 (MDM)
What is the Device Provider ID (DPID)?

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