Challenge/wanted outcome: Easy to use and secure all-in-one device for on the spot receipting.

A leading Indian Device manufacturer, BluPrints, were looking to provide the unbanked population in the India rural hinterlands with a solution speeding up digital inclusion and credit financing based on the Aadhaar biometric database. The solution based on Aadhaar-enabled biometric authentication will increase the ease of doing business and enable a large step towards cashless transactions supporting the digital initiative by the government of India. At the heart of the solution is the Aadhaar biometric authentication solution requiring authentication by means of the individual’s fingerprint. The solution provides instant transaction acknowledgement, managing invoices and payment processing by versatile on the spot billing and receipt printing. The offering is a sleek and compact thermal printer containing a built-in biometric sensor. In their search for a biometric sensor partner BluPrints did not want to compromise on neither convenience nor security. After evaluation of several fingerprint technologies and providers globally, Bluprints decided to design in NEXT Biometrics patented Active Thermal fingerprint sensor. This will provide the OEM with a large size sensor that is secure and still comes with a great form-factor for a smooth design into the Thermal Printer solution.

How did NEXT Biometrics contribute:

NEXT Biometrics has provided a large area highly secure fingerprint sensor meeting all requirements from Bluprints. Now Bluprints can be confident that they provide a biometric solution that is UIDAI/STQC certified and thus adhere to all Aadhaar specifications and requirements. NEXT Biometrics provided our Active Thermal fingerprint sensor from our patented “100 family”. This provided the OEM with a large size, secure sensor with great form-factor at a competitive price.

What benefit did NEXTs customer receive.

With the Next sensor solution BluPrints have a product supporting the digitization movement in India providing secure and cost-effective solution for financial inclusion of the unbanked population in India. Our great form-factor and sensor technology provides convenient authentication without compromising on high security requirements.

Conclusion and looking ahead.

Next continues focusing on high security technologies for fingerprint sensors. After successful integration recurring orders from our business partner BluPrints are expected. The business partner will in addition start testing the Next PIV certified FAP 20 sensors for integration in other fingerprint-enabled payment terminals aiming at international markets. These are certified by FBI and provides an additional proof point of the benefits NEXT provides our customers.

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