Challenge/wanted outcome: NIBSS certification for Biometric POS Devices.

Newland together with their local partner in Nigeria are aiming to provide Biometric POS devices to support the financial inclusion initiative of the Nigerian government. Biometric fingerprint POS is one of the key elements in financial inclusion solutions. The solution is interacting with the national ID and biometric information database of all Nigerian citizens. Due to the sensitivity of the information the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) established a set of strict requirements for Biometric POS Device Certification to ensure that the Biometric fingerprint POS Device can capture and verify the fingerprints without compromising the national ID system. Key requirements were a PIV certified sensor with strong anti-spoofing capabilities to prevent fraud attempts. After evaluation of several fingerprint technologies and providers globally, Newland decided to design NEXT Biometrics patented and FBI PIV certified Active Thermal FAP20 fingerprint sensor (One Touch 2000) with enhanced anti-spoofing software.

How did NEXT Biometrics contribute:

In order to pass the certification by the NIBSS, the Biometric fingerprint POS device was required to meet all criteria defined by NIBSS. This includes PIV Certifications, WSQ to ISO templates conversion with 99.5% accuracy and Fake fingerprint detection with high accuracy. NEXT supported Newland and their partner in the NIBSS certification process by providing NEXT’s PIV FAP20 sensors, NEXT’s SDK and local support. Specifically, NEXT’s SDK was enhanced to meet the high Fake finger detection and WQS/ISO templates conversion requirements specifically defined by NIBSS.

What benefit did NEXTs customer receive.

With the support of NEXT’s team, NEXT’s SDK and NEXT’s FAP 20, Newland together with NEXT achieved to be the first integrated Biometric Fingerprint POS device certified by the NIBSS. As a result, the process to accelerate financial inclusion in Nigeria will be greatly improved with a lot of added business opportunities for Newland, their business partners and Next.

Conclusion and looking ahead.

Next continues focusing on high security Technologies for fingerprint sensors. More Biometric fingerprint POS device vendors and payment service providers will be able to integrate NEXT’s fingerprint sensor to support financial inclusion and secure payment both in Africa and globally. By successfully achieving NBISS certification NEXT is ready to contribute to the financial inclusion and secure payments markets. It is expected that NEXT’ FAP 20 sensors will be used widely from now on.

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