Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
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NEXT Biometrics seeks to comply with the applicable legal framework and endorses the “Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance,” most recently revised on 17 October 2018 and made available on:

This chapter provides a detailed overview of how NEXT follows the Norwegian code of practice for Corporate Governance. NEXT’s Board of Directors supports the principles for good corporate governance, and attaches importance to our compliance with the code of practice and to explain deviations.

The information that NEXT is required to disclose pursuant to the Norwegian Accounting Act §3-3b has been taken into account in this report. Where it is natural to do so, the systematics of the Code of Practice is followed.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE For NEXT, good Corporate Governance is about doing the right things, and doing things right. The manner in which the company is managed is vital to the development of the company’s value over time. Our corporate governance has been designed to provide foundation for value creation, business risk reduction, and to ensure good control mechanisms.

We believe in open and honest communication with the shareholders, interaction between shareholders, the board of directors, and the company’s management. We aim to show respect and responsibility for shareholders as well as with all stakeholder groups, such as co-operating partners, customers, suppliers, employees, and authorities.

NEXT’s shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange main list, OSEBX. NEXT is subject to Norwegian securities legislation and stock exchange regulations.

Read the report here:

Corporate Governance Report 2018.pdf

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