Access your premises with biometrics – for improved security and convenience at the same time.

Locations such as workplaces, office buildings, schools, hotels, distribution centers and other sensitive locations require high security measures preventing unauthorized access. The use of biometric fingerprint identification methods and applications improves security and drives efficiency in who is accessing certain premises. Access Control can also be more logical. A smart Single Sign On (SSO) solution based on biometrics will add a layer of security to those who have access to certain data and information. Patient security including access to health records, and administration of medication are also examples of logical access.
For physical access biometric authentication will prevent users to access office’s sensitive locations using biometric fingerprint identification, implementing biometric identification extends to access control within hospitals, laboratories, server rooms and even workstations providing access to only authenticated users.

Next Biometrics Fingerprint solutions ensure secure and convenient authentication of digital identity enabling uncompromised access to systems, information and resources.

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