Public Security

Fingerprint Biometric solutions enable governments to increase public safety and security. High security fingerprint sensors can prevent crimes and fraud in voting systems and secure accurate social and pension disbursments. Fingerprint sensors also provide benefits for applications at national border controls and will enables lawenforment to instantly secure the biometric identity using different portable devices.

Payments & Fintech

Digitalization of the global payment and fintech industry is growing rapidly. Biometric fingerprint solutions secures and improves KYC process and provides secure payments with biometric enable Point Of Sales (POS) devices. Fingerprint biometrics aslo securely store crypto-currency keys and passwords for different blockchain related crypto currencies, in for example a secure crypto wallet.

Access Control

Locations such as workplaces, office buildings, schools, hotels, distribution centers and other sensitive locations require high security measures preventing unauthorized access. The use of fingerprint biometric identification methods and applications streamlines security and drives efficiency in who is accessing certain premises. Access Control can also be of a more Logical form. A smart Single Sign On (SSO) solution based on biometrics will ad security in who has access to certain data and information.

Office & Notebook

As complexity and digitalization of work force management increases, office environments will benefit using biometric technologies. Access to offices as well as data and company information will benefit from adding biometrics or replacing traditional passwords. Biometrics will provide improved security for the company and provide convenience for employees at the same time.

Why customers work with Next Biometrics

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Enabling cashless transactions

A secure and cost-effective sensor solution for a Bluetooth device supporting financial inclusion projects for the unbanked population in India.

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Improve market fit

Expanding an existing high-end product line with a lower cost device line, tailored for developing markets that require certified FAP 20 sized sensors.

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Payment & Fintech

Providing Biometric POS devices to support financial inclusion initiatives of the Nigerian government – becoming the first biometric POS device certified by NIBSS in Nigeria.

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