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NEXT Biometrics Group ASA business review and interim report for the third quarter of 2019

NEXT Biometrics Group ASA will present a business review and its interim report for the third quarter of 2019 on Tuesday, November 12 at 08:30 CEST. 

Management will be represented by CEO Peter Heuman and CFO Knut Stålen

The presentation will take place at SANDS, Cort Adelers gate 33, Oslo. The presentation will be held in English and will be available as a live stream and recording through this link:

Event Name:Date:Location
Annual Report30 April, 2019Oslo, Norway
Quarterly Report - Q1 - 201921 May, 2019Oslo, Norway
Annual General Meeting21 May, 2019Oslo, Norway
Quarterly Report - Q2 - 201920 August, 2019Oslo, Norway
Quarterly Report - Q3 - 201912 November, 2019Oslo, Norway
Quarterly Report - Q4 - 201925 February, 2020Oslo, Norway

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Peter Heuman


Knut Stålen