Payment & Fintech

The fast-developing Payment & Fintech market segment is a sweet spot for Next Biometrics and our sensor technology. Next Biometrics provides the Payment & Fintech global markets with high security sensors PIV certified by FBI in US. Some of the world’s largest Point of Sales (POS) device manufactures have integrated Next Biometrics FAP20 sensors.

Next Biometrics also has customers providing digital wallets for users of financial blockchain technologies including cryptocurrencies. These digital wallets keep keys and passwords for the end user in a safe offline device protected by our fingerprint technology.

Financial inclusion

Approx 1.7 Billion adults across the globe primarily in developing countries currently estimated to remain unbanked, Biometrics is helping to overcome this gap through improved financial and government identification. There are also numerous Fintech and Payments digital technologies arising around the world that will make use of and benefit from biometrics.

Next Biometrics is working diligently to provide new fintech companies with biometric fingerprint solutions, as well as to rectify the situation with unbanked people by enabling the use of Fingerprint Biometrics to provide simple, secure and convenient identity authentication and payments solutions in India and several other countries in Asia. Removing barriers to inclusion as proof of identity will no longer be about what you know, have or remember, but who you are.

NGRAVE-Next Biometrics partner

Next Biometrics has formed a partnership with Blockchain technology company Ngrave that developing an ultra-secure blockchain wallet solution in collaboration with tech giant IMEC ( and a world-renowned team in cryptography and hardware security.


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