Fingerprint Sensors

Next Biometrics fingerprint sensors is the perfect choice for creation of a secure, easy to use and convenient biometric authentication solution.
Customers benefit from maximum industrial design freedom due to the slick form factor, seamless hardware integration and a turnkey biometric subsystem for fast time to market biometric applications.

Our fingerprint sensors are successfully incorporated into time and attendance terminals, access control readers, notebooks, tablet devices, POS terminals and many more applications which require reliable, fast and convenient identification and authentication


Next Biometrics Access 300 Sensor

Our Access 300 Sensor has been specifically designed to meet highest security standards.
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Next Biometrics Access 200 Sensor

Our Access 200 Sensor features a high-quality 12×12 mm active sensing area for good image quality at low biometric error rates in small-footprint devices.
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Next Biometrics Access 100 Sensor

Our Access 100 Sensor features a large 12×17 mm active sensing area for fast, convenient fingerprint enrollment and authentication at low biometric error rates.
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Local variants

Next Biometrics 2023 UID Sensor for Aadhaar

Following rigorous testing and qualification, Next Biometrics UIDAI and STQC certified fingerprint modules are ready to be used in the Aadhaar ecosystem. At just 2.5 mm in height, they integrate into devices without compromising form factor or sleek design.

The modules include a STQC certified Level-0 Registered Device Service. NEXT also provides a biometrics SDK with FRR tested algorithm to allow continued use of existing RD Services.

– STQC certified
– Level 0 certified
NB-2023-U-UID (USB)NB-2023-S-UID (SPI)Contact us

Next Biometrics NB-65100-T-101 Sensor for Aadhaar

Next Biometrics NB-65100-T-101 sensor is a STQC certified fingerprint sensor system. It is designed for UIDAI Registered Device applications.

The module allows device manufacturers to quickly and securely integrate Next Biometrics STQC certified solution virtually into any platform with a UART or SPI interface, and allows use of their preferred Registered Device (RD) Service. The module features a secure microcontroller which performs image processing and template extraction operations directly on board of the module. The resulting biometric template is transferred to the host system over an encrypted channel using the AES 256-bit algorithm.
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