Fingerprint sensors

Based on our unique Active Thermal Technology our fingerprint sensors fit devices & products that demand high security levels and slim design. In addition our sensors provide end users convenient authentication & verification - with just one touch.

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Next Biometrics Oyster III Reader

Our Oyster III Reader takes Next Biometrics’ range of highly accurate and convenient fingerprint readers to an even higher level of security

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Next Biometrics Access 300 Sensor - FAP20

Our Access 300 sensors provides a high level of security being PIV certified by FBI in the US. This wrapped in a modern slim design.

New partnership enables combined face and fingerprint biometric authentication offering

Next Biometrics has formed a partnership with San Francisco based company Paravision that specializes in face recognition technology. The partnership enables Next Biometrics to offer dual authentication methods to customers looking for both face and fingerprint biometric solutions. Utilizing the latest in AI and computer vision, Paravision is the number one US provider in face recognition solutions.

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Why customers work with Next Biometrics

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Portable Bluetooth Device

A secure and cost-effective sensor solution for a Bluetooth device supporting financial inclusion projects for the unbanked population in India.

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Improve market fit

Expanding an existing high-end product line with a lower cost device line, tailored for developing markets that require certified FAP 20 sized sensors.

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Payments & Fintech

Providing Biometric POS devices to support financial inclusion initiatives of the Nigerian government – becoming the first biometric POS device certified by NIBSS in Nigeria.

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